Slide Presentations

Three Short Stories: Bioluminescent lagoons, antimicrobials, and North Inlet Estuary.  J. Pinckney.  2018. Seminar at Coastal Carolina University.

Phytoplankton responses to extreme weather events at North Inlet Estuary, SC.  J. Pinckney and E. Smith.  2018 SEERS Meeting

Solving the problem of assessing long-term trends in phytoplankton abundance in tidally varying environments.  J. Pinckney and E. Smith, 2017 CERF Meeting

The role of carbonic anhydrase in regulating phytoplankton community structure in North Inlet, South Carolina. E. Knotts and J. Pinckney, 2017 CERF Meeting

The influence of the environmental factors on the allelopathic effect of domoic acid on natural phytoplankton communities. E. Van Meerssche, J. Pinckney, C. Benitez-Nelson, D. Greenfield. 2017 International Harmful Algal Bloom Conference