Brittany DeArmitt

M. Sci. Candidate, Marine Sciences

Thesis Title: Evaluation of monthly grazing rates of Tritia obsoleta on microbenthic organisms in the North Inlet Estuary

Kristen Laccetti (Graduated May 2021)

M. Sci. Candidate, Marine SciencesLaccetti

Thesis Title: Zooplankton community structure and grazing within a stormwater detention pond in coastal South Carolina



Halley Carruthers (Graduated May 2021)

M. Sci. Candidate, Marine SciencesHalley Carruthers

Thesis Title: Fortnightly effects of urea additions on cyanobacteria in a stormwater detention pond


Sarah Zaunbrecher  (Graduated August 2020)


M. Sci. Candidate, Marine Sciences

Thesis Title: Spatial variability of benthic microalgae in the South Atlantic Bight




Eilea Knotts  (Graduated December 2019)


Ph.D., Biological Sciences

Dissertation Title: Assessing the competitive advantage of carbonic anhydrase in estuarine phytoplankton and benthic microalgae communities through responses to removed enzymatic activity


Elise Van Meerssche (Graduated May 2018)Van Meerssche - Elise

Ph.D., Biological Sciences
Dissertation Title: The effect of the neurotoxin domoic acid on estuarine phytoplankton communities


Nicole Dearth (Graduated May 2018)Dearth - Nicole

M. Sci., Marine Sciences
Thesis Title: Development of a sandwich hybridization assay for the harmful cyanobacterium Microcystis sp.