Sarah Humphrey

M. Sci. Candidate, Marine Sciences

Thesis Title: In progress

Brittany DeArmitt

M. Sci. Candidate, Marine Sciences

Thesis Title: The physiological limits and response of Doriopsilla pharpa to rapid changes in temperature and salinity in specimens from the North Inlet Estuary, SC

Kristen Laccetti

M. Sci. Candidate, Marine SciencesLaccetti

Thesis Title: Zooplankton community structure and grazing within a stormwater detention pond in coastal South Carolina



Halley Carruthers

M. Sci. Candidate, Marine SciencesHalley Carruthers

Thesis Title: Fortnightly effects of urea additions on cyanobacteria in a stormwater detention pond


Sarah Zaunbrecher  (Graduated August 2020)


M. Sci. Candidate, Marine Sciences

Thesis Title: Spatial variability of benthic microalgae in the South Atlantic Bight




Eilea Knotts  (Graduated December 2019)


Ph.D., Biological Sciences

Dissertation Title: Assessing the competitive advantage of carbonic anhydrase in estuarine phytoplankton and benthic microalgae communities through responses to removed enzymatic activity


Elise Van Meerssche (Graduated May 2018)Van Meerssche - Elise

Ph.D., Biological Sciences
Dissertation Title: The effect of the neurotoxin domoic acid on estuarine phytoplankton communities


Nicole Dearth (Graduated May 2018)Dearth - Nicole

M. Sci., Marine Sciences
Thesis Title: Development of a sandwich hybridization assay for the harmful cyanobacterium Microcystis sp.